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Mizzou Tiger Football

2002 Season

Pictures from the 2000 Season
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Pictures from the 2002 Season

Not affiliated with the University of Missouri or Missouri Tiger Athletics.  All photos copyright Sarah E.M. Becking Photography.

August 31
vs Illinois (at St. Louis)
2:30 p.m.

W 33-20

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Brad Smith.  How many pictures of him would be enough?  First college game, was the man.  Co-Big XII Offensive Player of the Week, unquestionably player of the game.  Was 15-for-26 passing for 152 yards passing and ran for 138 yards.
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Brad Smith & Zack Abron rushed for 138 and 116 yards, respectively while combining for 3 touchdowns Antwaun Bynum collects one of 4 Tiger sacks.
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James Kinney returns a fumble for a Touchdown.  Kinney led the team with 6 tackles. Coach Pinkel and Justin Gage collect the trophy.
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Zack Abron The Tigers celebrate after an Abron touchdown
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Celebrating after Kinney's touchdown Sean Doyle celebrating a sack.
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Atiyyah Ellison attacks the Illini.
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Justin Gage celebrates the victory. Kinney earlier in his touchdown run.
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T.J. Leon ran for 24 yards and a touchdown in the game.
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Tony Palmer encourages the crowd Coach Pinkel leads the team onto the field.
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Coach Pinkel Starting center AJ Ricker
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Coach Pinkel after a miserable incompletion call went against Gage and the Tigers.
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Brad Smith Brad Smith
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Brad Smith Brad Smith
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Brad Smith leads the huddle Brad Smith
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Brad Smith Another trophy pic
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Another trophy pic Freshman Mario Whitney saw action as a kickoff returner and also had 4 rushing yards on his only carry.
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Justin Gage Keith Wright
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QB Coach David Yost