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2003 Season

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August 30

11:00 a.m.
vs Illinois (at St. Louis)
W 22-15

Joe Gianino clears the way for Zack Abron
Zack Abron  
The team captains
  Tight End Victor Sesay
Brian Smith, James Kinney, and Zach Ville combine for a tackle. David Overstreet & Russ Bell meet Halsey
Brian Smith gets by an Illini tackle Derrick Ming sacks the Illini punter
Jason Simpson celebrates the play Dedrick Harrington celebrates a big play
Brad Smith scrambles
 The play comes right at you.
Brian Smith gets cut-block
Zack Abron runs Brad Smith throws
Brad Smith Thomson Omboga on his lone reception
Half of the O-Line:  Rob Droege, Tony Palmer, and AJ Ricker
Brad Smith Brad Smith handing to Abron.  Beau Viehmann lined up as fullback.
Damian Nash fakes the run.
Brad Smith runs up the middle
Darius Outlaw was the Tigers' leading receiver
James Kinney & Brandon Barnes Atiyyah Ellison
A wise man once told me, "You can't be proud walking around in orange pants."
 Imagine how these guys must have felt.
Brad Smith
Punter Brock Harvey had an outstanding game  
??? Fabian Bean
Brian Smith Shirdonya Mitchell returns a kick
Brad Smith Michael Harden wraps up an Illini runner
Brad Smith Darius Outlaw
Jason Simpson and Calvin Washington meet to break up a potential touchdown pass. Brad Smith
Shirdonya Mitchell Zack Abron scores
and the ensuing celebration Brad Smith
JD McCoy with a touchdown reception  
Justin Scott makes a stop Tigers sure to be on the field in the
future include #48 Xzavie Jackson
and #79 Tyler Luellen
Justin Scott  
Terrence Curry Terrence Curry
Coach Pinkel Nino Williams II
David Overstreet Brad Smith
Post-game celebration