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2003 Season

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November 15
Texas A&M

W 45-22

11:30 a.m. (Fox Sports)

More Photos from the A&M game

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Marching Mizzou before the game
Old Missouri
The Captains come onto the field
The Tigers prepare to take the field
Here come the Tigers
Brad Smith ran 17 times for 136 yards and 3 touchdowns.
Zack Abron carried 20 times for 141 yards and a touchdown,
 becoming Mizzou's all-time leader in touchdowns & scoring
Zack Abron
Zack Abron
Brian Smith
Brad Smith
Brad Smith
Dedrick Harrington and Atiyyah Ellison combine to tackle Neal.
The O-Line (AJ Ricker and Joe Gianino specifically)
James Kinney, Atiyyah Ellison and Zach Ville chase Neal
Nino Williams and James Kinney on a tackle
Zack Abron
The O-Line in the Huddle
Brian Smith recovers a Neal fumble.
Brad Smith goes around the right corner...
... and scores!
CJ Mosley closes in on Neal.  Mosley had 2 sacks in the game.
Derrick Ming returns the short kick off.
Air Force recruits are sworn in at halftime Followed by an A-10 flyover
Nino Williams and Michael Harden close in
Xzavie Jackson had 3 tackles in the game
Brad Smith follows Abron through the hole
A&M went to Dustin Long at QB in the second half
Kinney crunches Courtney Lewis
Brad Smith
Smith & Nash combine for a speedy backfield.
Nash ran 8 times for 65 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Brad Smith
Nash scores, but was admonished by Coach Pinkle for reaching the ball toward the goalline.
Phil Pitts
Phil Pitts, Henry Sweat, Atiyyah Ellison, and Nino Williams meet at the ball carrier #1 Derek Farmer
Michael Harden joins the fun
Coach Pinkle upset at a late penalty (late hit, upset at the players)
Calvin Washington and Brandon Barnes
Abron runs
and Abron runs
and Abron runs
and Abron runs
and Abron meets a would be tackler
and Abron breaks that tackle
and Abron runs
and Abron meets another would be tackler
and Abron breaks that tackle
and Abron runs
and Abron runs
and Abron runs
and Abron runs
Damian Nash
Nash campaigning for himself or for Mr. Smith?
Nash scores
Nash gets push pressed in celebration
Santino Riccio ran once for 12 yards in late action.
Beau Viehmann ran once for 5 yards to seal the game.
Coach Pinkle