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Mizzou Tiger Football

2000 Season:  3-8

Not affiliated with the University of Missouri or Missouri Tiger Athletics.  All photos copyright Sarah E.M. Becking Photography.

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MU vs K-State L 24-28     kstate.gif (148 bytes)

ksu-Tackle.jpg (83513 bytes) ksu-larry.jpg (64670 bytes)
Tigers gang tackle a Mildcat Coach Smith berates the officials after one of several miserable calls.

MU at Baylor W 47-22     baylor.gif (297 bytes)

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Darius Outlaw Pat Duffy records a sack
bu-Gage.jpg (75538 bytes) bu-smith.jpg (60364 bytes)
Justin Gage grabs a touchdown. Justin Smith records a sack
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Another sack for Smith.  He became MU's all-time and single-season sack leader during the game Smith
bu-smith4.jpg (60430 bytes) bu-zain.jpg (78379 bytes)
Smith Zain Gilmore
bu-Zach.jpg (54596 bytes) bu-zach2.jpg (68054 bytes)
Zach Abron Abron runs over the official on his way to a TD.  Possibly the loudest cheer of the day.
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bu-ouch.jpg (83784 bytes) bu-sack.jpg (67209 bytes)
Duffy crunches the back-up back-up quarterback.  First play after Cedric Harden knocked the starting QB out of the game.
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A chance to celebrate.

MU vs Colorado  L 18-28     colorado.gif (176 bytes)

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Aerial photo of the stadium.  Now for sale at Deck the Walls in the Columbia Mall Darius Outlaw scrambling
cu-Fumble.jpg (57244 bytes) cu-robinson.jpg (37978 bytes)
Jamonte Robinson makes a tackle
cu-Zain.jpg (52313 bytes)
Zain Gilmore
MU vs K@^$@$ L 17-38     screwku.gif (3982 bytes)
ku-doyle and jones.jpg (37282 bytes) ku-darius.jpg (36021 bytes)
Sean Doyle and Julian Jones combine for a tackle. Darius Outlaw with a toss
ku-darius and zain.jpg (51149 bytes) ku-#49.jpg (35204 bytes)
Outlaw hands off to Zain Gilmore James Kinney records a tackle
KU-Gage.jpg (97615 bytes)
Justin Gage eludes a Jayhawk
MU vs Oklahoma State W 24-10     ok state.gif (491 bytes)
osu-Darius.jpg (36322 bytes) osu-outlaw.jpg (18919 bytes)
Darius Outlaw leads the Tigers to victory in his first start at QB
osu-Chirumbolo.jpg (29712 bytes) osu-Spencer1.jpg (30781 bytes)
Joe Chirumbolo Eric Spencer
osu-highfive.jpg (30416 bytes) osu-mingucci.jpg (19130 bytes)
Kirk Farmer congratulates Zain Gilmore Pat Mingucci records a sack
osu-Zain.jpg (36796 bytes) osu-Zain2.jpg (31038 bytes)
Zain Gilmore led the Tigers with 169 yards rushing
osu-rhodes.jpg (12476 bytes)
Ricardo Rhodes fields a kick-off
MU at Nebraska L 24-42      nebraska.gif (898 bytes)
nu-gage2.jpg (29116 bytes) nu-Gage.jpg (33074 bytes)
Justin Gage on a reverse pass Gage on his way to a touchdown.
nu-Farmer3.jpg (24694 bytes) nu-Farmer4.jpg (36369 bytes)
Kirk Farmer Kirk Farmer
nu-Farmer1.jpg (24041 bytes) nu-Farmer2.JPG (24671 bytes)
Kirk Farmer on a long scramble.   The play he broke his clavicle. The second in the series of the fateful play.
nu-jamonte.jpg (20925 bytes) nu-Darius.jpg (28275 bytes)
Jamonte Robinson tackling Eric Crouch. Darius Outlaw enters the game.
nu-Cubit & outlaw.jpg (21001 bytes) nu-Abron.jpg (25434 bytes)
Coach Cubit and Outlaw after the game. Zach Abron.
nu-rhodes.jpg (30036 bytes) nu-larry.jpg (30109 bytes)
Ricardo Rhodes tackles Coach Smith
nu-cubit.jpg (27279 bytes)
Coach Cubit
MU vs Michigan State L 10-13
msu-Abron.jpg (42007 bytes) msu-Doyle.jpg (45981 bytes)
Zach Abron Sean Doyle
msu-duckett.jpg (53485 bytes) msu-Farmer.jpg (48307 bytes)

TJ Duckett tackled by Clarence Jones & unidentified Tiger

msu-Garvin.jpg (41576 bytes) msu-Smoked.jpg (41786 bytes)
Travis Garvin Smoker gets "Smoked"

wiu-Farmer1.jpg (34149 bytes)

wiu-Farmer2.jpg (41106 bytes)

Kirk Farmer Farmer's TD Pass to Justin Gage

wiu-Harden.jpg (36470 bytes)

wiu-Mingucci.jpg (43335 bytes)

Cedric Harden Pat Mingucci celebrates.