Adelaide Elizabeth Becking
Photos from 2003

from 2002

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AEB at Lance Jungmeyer's wedding on Dec 31 in Kansas City

Later on Dec 31 with Stacia

with mom at Lance & Erin's wedding

AEB on December 27

AEB with Great-Grandma Miller and cousin Nate

AEB with Great-Grandpa Miller and cousin Nate

AEB with Mom on Christmas Day


After the Mizzou game on December 21

Walking all over her dad, on Thanksgiving evening

On Thanksgiving day

Hanging upside down

With her tongue out, thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner.

With Uncle Mitch on November 15.

With cousin Ashli & her friend Amanda on November 15

With friend Spencer on November 8.

AEB at Nat & Penny's on Halloween 2003

AEB going for the candy at Bluestem

Worn out in the car after a hard day of trick-or-treating

At Jason's office

In the living room on October 27

on October 17

with Brigitte on October 11

George, Molly, Adelaide, and Brigitte on October 11, 2003

Brigitte and Adelaide at the Tiger Plaza

The Beckings at the Columns on October 11
(thanks to the Eichenbergs for the pics)

The Beckings at Tiger Plaza on October 11

Reading a book on September 30.

Pics from Adelaide's birthday party on September 21
The full gallery of Birthday Party Pictures

With Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Bill
after her birthday party on September 21

After cake, September 17

Before cake, September 17

AEB dancing with Sarah & Melissa & Asa Smith on Sept 3

with Grandpa Messer on September 1

If she ever goes to jail, this picture will be all over the news

on August 30 in St. Louis

AEB at her first Mizzou football game with Stephanie Swope

with Mitch (& Grandma Nancy) watching the Tigers beat Illinois

Preparing for a Mizzou win on August 30

with Grace on August 24

at her first Cardinals game on August 23

August 23

August 23

Adelaide and Niles on August 22

at her first concert, James Taylor in St. Louis, August 16

with Aunt Sarah & Uncle Mike at James Taylor

AEB with Grandma Cindy on August 12.

AEB with Cindy & John on August 12.

AEB & Miss Molly on July 22

Cousins Caleb, Ashli, Adelaide, and Jacob in Malden in mid-July.

AEB out of the pool in mid-July.

AEB with Thedi, Caleb, Jan, & Jacob on July 20.

AEB with Great Grandpa Lester in mid-July.

AEB with Jacob & Caleb in mid-July.

July 4

July 4

July 4 watching the City's fireworks

July 4

July 4 with Lou & Christopher (neighbors)

June 29 in our backyard

June 29

June 29

June 29

June 27 with Matt, Lori & Christopher

June 15, 2003

Jason & Adelaide and Phil & Bryce Buckman
June 12, 2003

June 12, 2003

Cousins Logan & Adelaide
June 9, 2003

Aubrey entertaining Adelaide; May 31

May 26, 2003

Adelaide with cousin Ashli on May 4.

Adelaide & Aunt Jeannie on May 3 at Uncle Jonathan's wedding

Adelaide & Great-grandpa Becking

Adelaide with Great-grandparents Becking

The Family

Kid in Stroller, May 3

May 2

On April 29 after swim lessons

On April 25

On Easter Sunday, April 20, 2003

On March 30, 2003

Half-clothed on March 28, 2003

On March 22, 2003

On March 9, 2003

March 2003

March 2003

February 26, 2003

February 26, 2003

February 26, 2003

February 5, 2003.

Sarah & Adelaide on January 11 at Cara Miller's wedding.