Photos from 2006

Christmas 2006
Adelaide's 4th Birthday Party
Haircuts in August
Soccer Camp
July 4 photos
Adelaide's Dance Camp on June 16
AEB & JT on June 10 in Shelter Gardens
Jack's First Birthday
Adelaide's Dance Recital -- May 12, 2006
Easter 2006
Our trip to Waco

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Payton, Adelaide, and Jack, Christmas 2006.
(More photos here)


AEB & Mr. and Mrs. Clause after her dance recital on December 9

Adelaide and a friend at Living Windows
 in Downtown Columbia on December 8

AEB at Dress Rehearsal for her dance recital

AEB in the snow in our backyard on December 5

AEB snow angel.  (Alternatively, AEB's no angel)

JTB not liking the snow

Adelaide and Jack on December 5


Payton & Adelaide raking a sand trap at Thanksgiving

Jack at Thanksgiving


JTB in leaves, November 3

This is crazy!

JTB's first trick or treating.

A "wedding girl", or a "bride girl"

A bride smashing pumpkins

Batman smashing pumpkin.

Photos from Adelaide's fourth birthday party.  More pics here.

Photos from the 'first day of school' for Adelaide, August 23.

JTB weighed 29 pounds and was 33" tall at his checkup on Sept 13.

Photos from the kids getting haircuts on August 11.  More here

Photos from Adelaide's time at Columbia College soccer camp in July.  More here

Photos from July 4, 2006.  More here.

Photos from Adelaide's Dance Camp on June 16, 2006.  More here.

Photos of AEB and JTB in Shelter Gardens on June 10. 
More from that day here.

Jack Thayer Becking turned 1 on June 9, 2006.  He weighed 26 pounds and
stood 31" tall at his most recent checkup.  More pics from his birthday are here.

Below are some photos from Adelaide's dance recital on May 12, 2006.
More photos from the event (thank you LG Patterson) here.

Below are some photos from Easter 2006.  More from the day are here.

Following are some pics from our trip to Waco on March 10-12, 2006.  More pics from the visit are here.