Photos from 2010

December 2010
Adelaide's 8th Birthday festivities

Colorado, July 2010
Spring Break 2010
JTB's 5th Birthday Party

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AEB & JTB in Phoenix

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JTB new boots

AEB on Christmas morning

JTB on Christmas morning

New Robes

AEB in 2nd Grade

JTB in Kindergarten


Adelaide & Jack


Jack at school

Adelaide reading to Jack

Jack & Adelaide looking for wildlife at Runge Nature Center

Jack and a mountain lion

Ninja Turtle and Baterina

Grant School parade


Ninja Turtle


Making crafts at CCMO


Ninja Turtle and Baterina

Cousins at CCMO Halloween party

Adelaide & Jack, October 9

Adelaide opening her iPod Touch.
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birthday cake

Checking out the American Girl catalog


Modeling her new shirt

Papa Bill, Adelaide, Jack, and Grandma Nancy

Blowing out the candles

Tie dying shoelaces

Payton, Adelaide, and Jack, geared for Laser Tag

Opening Suitcase with Papa Nat

Adelaide after first day of Second Grade

Jack after first day of kindergarten

Jack, in line for first day of kindergarten, August 19

Jack & Adelaide before first day of school

Adelaide & Jack waiting on the playground before school

Jack & Adelaide (and flowers & backpacks) headed to first day of school, Aug 19

Papa Nat, Adelaide, and Jack

Papa Nat & Jack

Headed to 2nd grade orientation

Jack headed to kindergarten orientation on August 17

Grandma Cindy, the Jordheims, and AEB, headed to
Chicago and the American Girl store, August 3

Payton, Jack, and Adelaide at Cards-Dodgers game on July 17

Waiting on the Metrolink after the game

Jack on one of his earliest bike rides, July 11, 2010

Adelaide & Anna, July 2010

JTB in Tree, July 2010

Jack at soccer camp, July 12, 2010

Kids in the gutter in the rain, July 7, 2010

Adelaide, Haley, Nicholas, and Jack, July 4, 2010
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JTB, JLB, AEB on July 3, 2010

Jack feeding chipmunks

Jack throwing rocks

Adelaide & Jack on the chair lift at Copper Mountain

Bike trip down the Vail Pass trail

At Breckenridge, on July 1, 2010

in the Gondola up to Breckenridge

Adelaide, Carter, and Jack in Denver, June 30, 2010

Jack on June 27

Glitter toes

Adelaide on June 26

Headed to a wedding on June 26

Hyrdrating at Columbia College soccer camp

AEB at Soccer Camp

AEB Sliding at JTB's 5th birthday party
more birthday party pictures here

JTB and Grandma Cindy

JTB (and golf clubs) and Papa Nat

JTB and Papa Bill

JTB and Payton


JTB having icing

JTB blowing out the candles

Asa, Payton, Jack, and a friend from CDC

Payton running down the slide

Adelaide and Jack, before her tap recital

Adelaide, Grandma Nancy, and Jack, before jazz recital

Adelaide & Jack

Adelaide, Jason, and Jack

Papa Nat, Uncle Mike, Adelaide, Jason, Grandma Nancy, Jack, and Papa Bill

Adelaide's jazz costume (to PYT)

Adelaide's tap costume (to Kung Fu Fighting)

Jazz hand(s)

dress rehearsal

Mrs. Williams, Adelaide's first grade teacher, came to the tap recital

Jack, Reid, and Payton, at Stephens Lake Park on Mother's Day

Cindy, Mike, Lydia, Reid, Payton, and Sarah on Mother's Day

Payton & Jack at Stephens Lake Park

Payton, at Stephens Lake Park

Jack at Stephens Lake Park

Adelaide & Jack delivering flowers on Mother's Day

Jack & Payton playing baseball, April 17

Jack & Adelaide on Easter morning, leaving Disney
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Jack & Adelaide at our hotel

Jack & Adelaide at Main Street USA

Adelaide & Jack on the carousel

Jack at It's A Small World

Adelaide at It's A Small World

Jack & Adelaide in line for It's A Small World

Jack, race car driver

Adelaide driving Grandma Nancy

Jack & Adelaide at EPCOT

Adelaide & Jack at sunset on the cruise

Adelaide & Jack

Jack, Jason, Adelaide, and the Disney Wonder, in Nassau

Jack at Paradise Island beach in The Bahamas

Adelaide & Jack walking to the beach

Jack & Adelaide on the deck of the Disney Wonder

Adelaide & Jack at the Departure Party

Adelaide & Jack on the gangway going on the Disney Wonder