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Not affiliated with the University of Missouri or Missouri Tiger Athletics.  All photos copyright Sarah E.M. Becking Photography.

Photos from 2007 Big 12 Wrestling Championships.
Photos from MU WBB against Northwester on Nov 22, 2005
Photos from MU Soccer against Florida on Sept 12, 2004
Photos from MU baseball against K-State on March 27-28, 2004
Photos from MU WBB team photo shoot, 2003-04 season
Photos from MU women's basketball against Colorado on Feb 2, 2003

Photos from 2004 Mizzou Hall of Fame Induction

Photos from MU WBB against Ball State on Mar 24, 2003
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Amanda Lassiter brings the ball up the court in the Tigers' first win over the UT Longhorns Tracy Franklin against UT.
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Franklin against 4 UT defenders. Lassiter looks for help.
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Amy Timmerman keeps the Duke player at bay. Luke Cassis is forced out at second as Lincoln University turns a double play.
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Michelle Moran competes in the high jump during the 2000 Bix XII Championships. The "Zou Crew"
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The "Zou Crew" -- Part Deux