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Mizzou Tiger Football

2001 Season
4-7 Overall, 3-5 Big XII

Pictures from the 2000 Season

Not affiliated with the University of Missouri or Missouri Tiger Athletics.  All photos copyright Sarah E.M. Becking Photography.

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2001 Results and Pictures

Sept 1
Bowling Green
L 13-20
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"Touchdown" Joe Chirumbolo scores the first touchdown o' the year. Justin Gage had 9 receptions for 119 yards.
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Coach Pinkel argues an intentional grounding penalty. Coach Pinkel
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Farmer looks on from the sidelines.
Sept 8
SW Texas St.
W 40-6
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Zack Abron ran for a career high 106 yards.
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Kirk Farmer returned from a broken bone in his hand to see his first action of the season.  He suffered a partially torn MCL during the second half.
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Freshman Tyrone Roberson played for the first time as a Tiger, running for over 70 yards.
Sept 29
L 3-36
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Kirk Farmer scrambles in
his first start of the season.
Cedrick Harden tackles a Husker.
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For the first time in 4 years, TE Dwayne Blakely
actually was featured in Mizzou's offense.
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RB Zach Abron on the longest run from scrimmage of the day for the Tigers.
Oct 6
at Oklahoma St.
W 41-38 (3OT)
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Oct 13
Iowa St.
L 14-20
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Zach Abron rushed for a career high 147 yards on 21 carries.
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Dwayne Blakley had 4 receptions for 31 yards and a touchdown. Justin Gage finished with 6
receptions for 68 yards.
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Thomson Omboga had 3
receptions for 34 yards.
Antoine Duncan and Sean Doyle team to tackle Seneca Wallace.  Doyle finished with 15 tackles while Duncan had 7.
Oct 20
at KU
W 38-30
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Oct 27
L 16-35
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Zack Abron carried for 109 yards on 13 carriers against the Longhorns.
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Dwayne Blakley had 3 cathes for 47 yards including this catch for 28. Chris Ryan tackles Chris Simms.
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Junior Ben Fredrickson had this catch for 8 yards and a touchdown. Jamonte Robinson tackles
UT's #25 Brett Robin
Nov 3
at Colorado
L 24-38
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Nov 10
W 41-24
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Junior Justin Gage set a MU record with 239 receiving yards on 13 receptions.  Gage had 2 TD catches and threw a TD pass in the game.
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Tyrone Roberson carried the ball 12 times for 51 yards in the game. Kirk Farmer completed 23 of 34 passes for a career high 360 yards and 3 TD's.
Nov 24
at Kansas St.
L 3-24
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Dec 1
at Michigan St.
L 7-55
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