Adelaide Elizabeth Becking

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Adelaide will be a big sister on or about June 6, 2005!

Adelaide as Shirley Temple discovering what Halloween is all about.

Posing for her Mom.

"Helping" rake leaves on October 31, 2004


Lady Bug birthday cake. 
"Happy to You" is AEB's version of Happy Birthday to you.

Blowing out candles like a pro on Sept 25, 2004.

Adelaide with cousin Nate.

Adelaide opening gifts with assistance from Elly on Sept 19, 2004.

Adelaide and Molly opening an art easel.

Adelaide getting ready for her party.

Adelaide and Grandpa Messer

AEB and her new house.

She likes peeking out the windows.

Adelaide on the beach in Pensacola in early August 2004.

AEB with Asa and Grace at Asa's first birthday party on July 10.

AEB and Owen Weller on July 10

Grace and Adelaide lounging

On June 7

June 6

May 2

with Molly & Gabby on the slide on April 18

AEB swinging on April 18

AEB with Grandpa Barry at Eric's chiropractic graduation on April 17

AEB with Grandpa Nat and a Clydesdale at the MU Vet School on April 16

AEB checking out our flowers on April 15

Pointing at Shamu on April 9

with Shamu

at the Dolphin Cove

maybe Uncle Ronnie can hook me up with one of these later in life.

taking a tour of the San Antonio River.

AEB & Claire Swindle on March 22 at Fakespeare's Pizza

in the van on March 20.

with Uncle Jerry on March 20

March 20

One of her first real escalator rides on March 12 in Dallas.
Lucky she didn't get her "foot pulled off".

Getting some books on March 10.

Her first injury.  February 29.

In the Mardi Gras spirit on February 11.

"Exploring" at Columbia College on February 9, 2004

Walking in dad's shoes on January 31.

January 28

Checking out the video on her Psychology experiment.  January 26

Mary of the psychology experiment.  Photo by AEB.

AEB & Molly having hot dogs and mac & cheese on January 18.

AEB in Portland on Jan 3 before Amy McGill's wedding