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Mizzou Tiger Football

2003 Season

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October 11

W 41-24


Jesse Hall and the Historic Columns
Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium
The Tigers come onto Faurot Field
More Aerial Photos below
The students
Michael Harden and James Kinney chase #5 Jamaal Lord
Michael Harden closes in on #9 David Horne
Brad Smith after a play fake to Zack Abron.  Smith ran 18 times for
123 yards and 3 touchdowns, caught one pass for 47 yards
and a touchdown and completed 13-of-27 passes for 180 yards.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith eludes #14 Bullocks
Zack Abron finished with 20 carries for 84 yards and a touchdown.
Zach Ville and Michael Harden combine to tackle Lord
Brad Smith fakes to Zack Abron
Brad Smith rolls out
Brad Smith hurried by #38 Barrett Ruud
First play of the fourth quarter, a 39-yard touchdown run by Brad Smith
Brad Smith can run
Brad Smith can run
Brad Smith can run
Brad Smith can run
Brad Smith can run
Touchdown Tigers!
 A moment to reflect
Brad Smith greeted by Rob Droege, Sean Coffey, JD McCoy, and Darius Outlaw
James Kinney (maybe?) and Phil Pitts converge on Jamaal Lord
Brian Smith chases Jamaal Lord
Brian Smith catches Jamaal Lord
Brian Smith and Brandon Barnes tackle Jamaal Lord
James Kinney sacks Jamaal Lord and forces a fumble (as Brian Smith closes)
The ball's still loose.
Still loose
Dedrick Harrington scoops up the fumble. 
Harrington returns the fumble 14 yards to the Nebraska 9-yard line.
The aftermath of the fumble recovery (James Kinney now with the ball).
Brad Smith rolls right.
 Brad Smith tries to avoid # 7 D. Williams.
Brad Smith throws the ball forward to avoid the sack.
Much to the dismay of the Nebraska sideline
Nebraska QB Jamaal Lord changes the play
#45 Steve Kriewald tackled by Brandon Barnes
Larson punts
The offense huddles on the sideline
Brad Smith runs left.
#12 Sean Coffey with a HUGE third-down reception
Sean Coffey stretches for the first down.
Brad Smith under center
Brad Smith runs right
The crowd celebrates
#18 Terrence Curry
The players celebrate
#33 Dedrick Harrington
Brad Smith up the middle
Quincy Wade and Beau Viehmann tackle Josh Davis on a kickoff return
Marcus James, our favorite Tiger, returns a punt
Victor Sesay makes the catch, gets a first down, and stays in bounds.
Fans storm the field
Dedrick Harrington talks to a couple of fans.
A Great Ending
Brad Ekwerekwu talks to reporters and fans after the game.
Aerial Photos taken Pre- and during the early part of the game
Looking towards Faurot Field and the Hearnes Center
across the University golf course.
Jesse Hall and the Historic Columns Jesse Hall and the Historic Columns
Faurot Field
The new basketball arena