Photos from 2007

Random Photos from Winter 2007
trip to San Antonio
Adelaide's 5th birthday
Summer 2007

Jack's 2nd birthday
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Ashli, AEB, Grandma Nancy, Wicked 2007

Adelaide, Sarah, Nancy, and Ashli -- Wicked 2007


AEB and JTB, December 2007

Kids Table, Christmas 2007

Jack, Payton, and Adelaide -- Christmas 2007

Adelaide & Jack

Who ate our cookies?

Jack, Reid, Adelaide, and Payton on Christmas Eve

Family and Grandma and Grandpa Becking's house

JT Becking and JT Becking, Christmas 2007

Bianca, Jack Thayer, and Adelaide

Adelaide, December 2007

Adelaide in Mambo Santa costume

AEB & JTB in San Antonio

Jack & Adelaide at the Alamo

AEB with Golden Girls

Jack & Adelaide in San Antonio

George, Molly, Brigitte, Adelaide, and Jack at the pep rally

Molly, Truman, Adelaide, and Brigitte

Jack, Adelaide, and Payton on October 21

Reid on October 21

AEB playing ball


AEB on a Visit to the Fire Station

JTB on a Visit to the Fire Station

Sliding Adelaide

Non-Sliding Adelaide

Jack sticks the landing

Sliding JT



Rock N Roll Jack
More photos from AEB's 5th Birthday Party here

Rock N Roll Adelaide

Jack at Adelaide's Birthday

AEB and birthday cake

Rock N Roll Adelaide

AEB playing in the fountain
More photos of swimming and balloons here.

JTB Playing in the Fountain

AEB & JTB on their first day of school.

Adelaide & Jack on August 5

Jack jump

AEB at the Columns on July 29

Jack & Adelaide at City Museum in St. Louis in July.

Adelaide at Soccer Camp in July.

Adelaide & Jack at the Miller's bowling party.

JLB & JTB in the Neighborhood 4th of July Parade

Adelaide and her new bike in the parade.

JTB at 2.  More birthday party pics here.

Adelaide at the park on June 6.

Jack at the park on June 6.

Jack, Payton, and Adelaide on Mother's Day

AEB on Mother's Day

JTB on Mother's Day

AEB & JTB sliding


Jack & Adelaide at Mother's Day picnic

AEB at dance recital dress rehearsal on May 8, 2007

AEB & Grandma Nancy after the recital.

Adelaide & Asa swinging.

Payton, Jack & Adelaide, hunting Easter eggs.

JTB with eggs.

Jack, Adelaide, and Payton, over-exposed (new camera).

This will be a crowd favorite at a wedding reception in 20+ years.

Sometimes my Shakespeare's cup has tasted like it had bath water in it.

Pictures of Jack & Adelaide from their trip to
Hannibal, Missouri with Sarah over Spring Break in March.

Jack & Adelaide in Oklahoma City on March 9.

AEB on February 23 at her school sock hop

JTB on February 23.

Adelaide and Jack in the snow, January 21.
More snow photos here.