Photos from 2009

Houston in December 2009
December 2009
Halloween 2009
Miley Cyrus concert - October 2009
Colorado - June 2009
Glenwood Springs - June 2009

AEB 7th Birthday Party

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Jack & Adelaide at Houston Aquarium, December 2009
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Benjamin, Molly, Adelaide, Leah, Ellie, and Jack, December 2009

Benjamin & Leah, Ellie & Molly, AEB & JTB, Dec 31 2009

Jack, Grandma Becking, and Adelaide, December 26
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Adelaide, Grandpa Becking, and Jack, December 26

Jack, Payton, and Reid on Christmas Eve

Lydia on Christmas Eve

Group heading out to trick or treat in Denver
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Jack checking out his haul


Jack, Beeler, and Adelaide at Miley Cyrus Concert
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Beeler and Adelaide at Miley Cyrus concert

Jack, Adelaide and Beeler pre-Miley Cyrus concert

AEB & JTB, modeling Halloween 2009

JTB, Jango Fett

AEB, Sassy Bumblebee

AEB Opening Presents, Sept 20
(More Birthday Party Pics here)

AEB Blowing out 7 Candles

Grandma Nancy, Adelaide, and Papa Nat


Sleuthing Group

Jack, Payton, and Asa

Sleuthing Group

Party Invitation, courtesy of the Swackers

Adelaide and Jack riding "Truman's Taxi", September 19

Hard to believe, but I think this is the only pic we
have of either kid with Truman, much less both kids

September 19

JTB & AEB, September 12

JTB checking out his new dinosaur shoes.

AEB in Golden Girl splendor

Lydia's first birthday party, September 13

Jack With Sword

Lydia at One

JTB & AEB at The City Museum, September 6

JTB & AEB before the first Mizzou game of the year

Jack & Adelaide, first day of school, August 24

Ellie, Adelaide, Brigitte, and Molly, August 2009

Adelaide, Brigitte, and Molly, August 2009

Adelaide, Brigitte, and Molly, August 2009

Jack in Mud, August 2009

Jack & Adelaide in Mud, August 2009

AEB with newly pierced ears, August 2, 2009

Dueling piercing

Showing off her shopping spree haul

JTB at neighbor's Pirate party, July 2009

JTB and AEB swimming, July 2009

AEB & JTB at annual neighborhood July 4 parade

"Dear tooth fairy"... click to see full image

JTB Fishing, June 15

JTB & AEB in the mountains, June 8

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AEB & JTB in Fairy Cave, June 8

JTB on trampoline

AEB on trampoline

AEB & JTB after swooshing for gems

JTB & AEB in a maze

Blowing out candles on Jack's birthday cake, June 8.

AEB & JTB in Vail, June 7

Adelaide and the other grown-ups -- Chrissy, Amy, and Christa

JT playing with his birthday video game

Spiderman cake

AEB playing with new Hula Hoops

Jack, Nicholas, and Adelaide, rocket stomping

Jack, Carter, and Nicholas, rocket stomping

Amy, Carter, Nicholas, and Jack

JTB riding his bike at Grant School

AEB posing with her art at Boone County National Bank galllery

JTB kicking soccer ball at Forrest Park

Adelaide post dance recital

Adelaide post dance recital

Adelaide (and Anna) Egyptian posing

Adelaide ready for dance

Walk Like An Egyptian, May 2009

JT & Adelaide on Easter morning


Payton & Jack checking out an Easter bunny

JT with a bunny

JT finding an egg

Reid hunting eggs

Easter squirrel makes for high hiding.

Reid, Payton, Adelaide, and Jack

Adelaide with a strawberry cake

Adelaide as a tart.


AEB & JTB, one with less tooth than normal.

AEB & her friend at Shakespeare's, Feb 16 2009

Jack at Shakes, Feb 16, 2009

AEB modeling her pecan pie, February 2009

Jack & Adelaide playing next door, January 2009

AEB showing off her new goods, January 2009