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Beckings, Maupins, Eichenbergs, and Truman at the Baylor game in Waco

Adelaide, Brigitte, Molly, and Ellie

Jack and George

Adelaide and Jack

Adelaide, Brandon, and Jack

Jack and pumpkin

at Peachtree Farms

Adelaide, Payton, and Jack at the A-B Clydesdale farm near Columbia

Adelaide shooting a BB gun

JTB on horse

AEB bobbing for apples

JTB bobbing for apples

Adelaide and Lydia

Jason, Adelaide and Kim

Adelaide carving a pumpkin

Jack, Payton, and Brandon

Adelaide's 3rd Grade picture

Jack's 1st Grade picture

AEB and friends and family at her 9th birthday party

Adelaide on her new bike

Jack checking out a calf at the dairy farm

Adelaide waiting on her birthday party

Adelaide and Grandma Nancy going into Taylor Swift concert

rocking out to Taylor Swift

Adelaide and Kim, slightly excited for Taylor Swift

Charlie, Anna, and Adelaide at Taylor Swift

Jack, Jason, and Adelaide after the Komen for the cure walk

AEB before the Komen walk

Kim, Truman, and Adelaide before the Mizzou football game

JTB headed to school

First day of School, August 18

Jack, Payton, and Adelaide

JTB with helmet, July 4, 2011

JTB on (not our) motorcycle, July 4, 2011

AEB, July 4, 2011

Jason, Adelaide, and Jack, July 4, 2011

July 4 neighborhood parade

JTB on parade

Jack with friends and Papa at 6th birthday party

Putt putt Party

Bitter enemies Adelaide and Stella at the year's first swim meet.

Swim Meet decorations

Crafts with Grandma Cindy

Dance recital

Dance recital

Adelaide with "Baton Twirler" on May 3, 2011, at Boone County National Bank
BCNB is Grant Elementary's Partner In Education, about 20 pieces are selected
annually to hang in their gallery for a month.  They will then hang at Grant for years.

Baton Twirler, by Adelaide

Adelaide & Jack, Easter Sunday

Adelaide, Jack, Payton, Lydia, and Reid, Easter Sunday

AEB & JTB playing in the snow in February

Jack in the snow

Adelaide in the snow